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My family is... Kind of normal. Well, not really.

Immediate Family: My parents are divorced. They're both alcholics. My mom divorced my dad for drinking. And now she drinks, hyprocrite. My dad has a girlfriend and i just say she's my step mom. She has two kids, so basically they're my step brother and sister. Then i have a real sister. She's 18. If it wasn't for her, i think sometimes i would have killed myself. Yet, sometimes she's the one who drives the family insane. My dad is kind of weird, he just...is. My mom is kind of a whore who doesn't know it. I have a tally count of her boyfriends on the back of my door. Nice, eh?

Non-Immediate Family: Well, let's start on my mom's side... I have a grandmother and father. My grandmother is going crazy and she pops pills and smokes pot. My grandfather is obsessed with computer games and his job. I have an Aunt who's had about 4 husbands and i think was Bi-sexual at one point in time. She has three boys, my cousins. I love them all dearly...well, not really. They get annoying, except for my littlest cousin. I always don't fit in at the family get-togethers, so he always sits and talks me, since he doesn't really fit in either. My uncle has two little girls and they're very christan. They live always near they ocean since he's in the navy. Now, for my dad's side... I have a grandmother who my dad lives with and drives everyone insane. We think she's losing it. Then i have an aunt who was my uncle's wife, but he died. My dad and step mom hate her now. Her two sons, my cousins, are kind of stuck up and rich. They brag A LOT. And plus, they nag about how i look all the time. I have then an Uncle who's never gotten married. He's kinda cool.

Tradtions: We always get together for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes Easter. That's about it. And then Birthdays, but only for the younger kids. I don't think we've ever had a family reunion.

My mom and dad drive me insane with their drinking, I can't stand when they get drunk. My dad get's mean. My mom get's stupid and kind of whoreish. My sister, we fight sometimes, but have to stick together during the hard stuff... That's about it.
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Ah, a LOT of my family are drunks... I really didn't want to get into detail. It sucks don't it? You seem to have a realatively small family but I'm shure it's big when you guys see each other.

I regret to admit that I seem to be following suit when it comes to the obvious alcoholic problem in my family.

Im hungry...
go eat!